No 6: Bombings

We were seated in the Forum today, with approximately 900 individuals to be evacuated. The day was good…

Until somewhere between 2:30 and 2:45 pm when we heard the bombs.

The Forum is a very large stadium-like forum and so because the bombs dropped around 10 km away, the echo inside the place was terrifying. A few of us ran outside to try and decipher which part of Lebanon had been hit, by looking for the plumes of smoke. Being outside felt safer than being inside of that place.

I’ve never heard whatever sort of bombs were being dropped today; the only way to describe them is to say that they sounded as though they were coming from the underbelly of earth. The sound is so dense and – if one could describe a sound by size – absolutely enormous.

I was shaking for a good half an hour post bombs (I counted 7), and although we’re now nearly two hours later, I feel like my stomach could drop at any moment. I’am a little edgy and tense, but otherwise okay.