No 7: Update on ceasefire

Last night was a god damn mess in this Country. At approximately 7 pm, Israel started bombing the shit out of Hezbollah ‘owned’ areas. They didn’t stop until 8 am this morning, the official ceasefire time. It was insane and my friend in Montreal was able to provide some sense of calm to my own fear.

My balcony overlooks the South and so I was able to hear and see the entire…campaign. It’s one thing to hear it, and see the plumes of smoke in the air during the day; it is an entirely other thing to see the orange rush of impact and fire, and to feel it. Somewhere around 11 pm last night, Israel dropped two bombs, which made everything around us (including us) shake.

Every single human’s – regardless of ethnicity or religion – capacity to fuck this world up will never cease to amaze, disappoint and sadden me.

At the moment, the environment of this ceasefire are simple:
– Both sides have agreed to the terms.
– There will be an international force coming in to Lebanon to sit between the two parties.
– Until that time, Israel does not plan on leaving the Southern part of Lebanon, and they have said they will continue to play “offensive” moves in order to protect their soldiers on the ground.
– Until that time, Hezbollah does not plan on chilling out about having Israeli troops on Lebanese soil, and so will also keep “offensive” moves in order to protect Lebanon from any further violence or potential occupation.

So….technically, this means that the ceasefire isn’t really a ceasefire until the international observation force or whatever in the hell they’re spinning it as, is here. Until then, keep your eyes on written media (I recommend: Le Figaro or Le Monde Diplomatique, or somewhere between Al-Jazeera English on-line version & BBC).