Update no. 1: Itinerary

What a hellish 18 hours past. I didn’t get much sleep last night; as soon as the excitement wore off, the fear kicked in. Mama tried to change my mind, but this is something I really need to do and know that if I don’t go, it would exist as residual upset for quite some time, if not for the rest of my days.

Had to come in and organize every single detail from confirming and completing all information relevant to my travel (I depart for Frankfurt, and then go on to Larnaca, then to Beirutby military chopper), and my diplomatic passport (which I am to receive at 3 pm this afternoon). Things are a little bit of a blur since this is all happening so fast.

I think what I’m experiencing – apart from the nausea brought on by fear – is a stress headache, which will be calmed, inshallah, once I have both the passport and the tickets in hand. Then I’ll only have to deal with fear. Insert laugh track.

Should opportunity present itself I will provide updates via my blog and not my email.