Minister Peter MacKay

Oh mon dieu. If ever there was a sh*tty shot of me, this is most definitely it:

mackay and i

In my defense:
1st. I take poor profile pictures.
2nd. That’s what I look like after working an 18 hour shift.
3rd. Compound that 18 hour shift by adding for nearly three weeks in a row.

The Honourable Minister Peter MacKay (technically, my boss) has got a photo blog, which is pretty cool.

You have my permission to look closely at my boobs where you will see a yellow sticky note. It read: Hi! I’m Maha :o) because I thought that was a really cool thing to do. I’m sure The Honourable Peter MacKay thought I was some sort of a mental retard because of it.

Circumstances leading up to this shot (which was taken in early August)? His office had asked us to take care of one particular case (in terms of evacuation) and I was charged with said case. After working with his cool Exec Assistant Christopher Gorman**, The Honourable Him came down to meet me and say thank you which was quite nice and completely unnecessary. He’s tall and has a great tan, n’est pas? Nice hands, too.

Watch me get fired for objectifying His Honourableness.

**from whose blackberry I attempted to send a text message to Beirut but failed miserably. After trying for a whole two seconds, I very nearly threw it at him with a simple: “I don’t know how to do this or work this thing. Take it.” (18 hour shifts make you weird.)