Dispatch no4: Plants & Animals at The Drake

Most of you have heard of The Drake, yes? It’s one of the most infamous places at which to be seen and to see in Toronto.

It’s there that Baby Janey and I caught Plants and Animals, an (originally) East coast band that had a very familiar Doors feel about their music. We loved everything about them, beginning with their stage presence and ending with their tempered shyness and drinking sense post show.

It was with great pleasure that last night I discovered they were iTunes’ featured Free Single of the Week.

The Drake itself was wonderfully small by most standards and had the best Art Garfunkel look-alike bartender

And nicest yet potentially meanest doesn’t take shit from anyone manager (on the left) who joined us for drinks post show
Drake Manager

And a picture booth(!) into which Baby Jane, Plants & Animals’ lead singer and I squeezed in to take pictures
film strip

(The strip pictures you can see more clearly here and also here.)

Post The Drake, we went to Rhino where we found one of the world’s most disgusting bathrooms (just look at the mirror!)
rhino washroom

After which Janey, The Manager and I went and ate Halifax Style Shawerma…I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy pretending to enjoy the food.

Excellent night all around where I discovered new music and new food – and to think that I had contemplated staying home that evening…

Now: Go download some Plants and Animals, please.

P.S. You can make fun of all pictures from that evening here…