Hate Mail on Iran

What we usually call “liberals” have been extremely quick to jump on this bandwagon > to the point where Twitter has set up a page asking people to point out ‘suspect’ pages. Most of the posts / recommendations being made by the general population is either from people pointing out spam Twitter accounts or Twitter accounts that say they are people who voted for and continue to support Ahmadinejad. Which, of course – after watching the news about EYE-fkn-ran for 5 minutes – must mean that you’re informed and so are fully aware of the fact that everyone voted Mousavi. Of course. You’re so smart. You’re so politically en vogue.

From some of these people, I have received hate mail calling me a fascist.
Do you think they’ll remember their brotherly and siterly love of the EYE-ranians when it comes time to bomb the shit out of them and steal their natural resources so that ‘we’ can drive around in our SUVs for cheaper still? Maybe they’ll see it as a means to free and liberate the Shee-height Mozlims from a dictator.


(Of course, here I must say that from many of these individuals, I have also received more links and information calling for caution, as well as thanks for a mini head’s up about possible misinformation. Also that individuals who don’t have any sort of label have been asking for more information and are interested in digging deeper. I don’t need to post any of these emails.)

But – my favourite form of hate mail has come from the inidviduals who are so narrow minded that they see any argument – any argument posing even the slightest challenge to their own perspective, in fact – as one which supports Ahmadinejad. The following two are my favourites thus far:

“Shame on you! No wonder you support Ahmadinejad, you have already got enough money from him! You are selling younge Iranians blood killed by his regim to this idiot who most Iranians know him better and hate him. Shame on you. You support a criminal.”


“Shame on promotors of facism.

Dear “leftist” :
The enemy of your enemy . is not your friend.

Join the fight against facism, rather than promoting it. Talibanism, Tehran or Kabul style, is at odds with humanity.

Do not presribe that at the expense of my people , and for the sake of your agenda.”

I believe Ahmadinejad is a stain on Islam (& I wouldn’t vote for either him or Mousavi; more to the point, I would never live under any theocracy), and yet, any call for caution and a more nuanced approach solicits this sort of a reaction. Absolutely amazing and fascinating and I love it. People’s ignorance is both prolific and deeply profound.

Recommend that you please visit this link at Middle East Report Online and take the time to read and reflect. My article is extremely light on all subject matters and is intended to point out that reform is not ‘revolution’, that it is not a simple matter of black vs. white & that the destabilization of Iran serves greater ends (food for thought); if you wish to learn more and dig deeper on the internal political situation, then this is an excellent place to burrow.