More: Longhorns football & Friday Night Lights

I just received this in an email. It is a link to the latest promo pics for season 4 of Friday Night Lights.

.1. Zach Gilford ought to eat a sandwich and fatten up a wee bit; (I hope that it is Baby Jane whom he is eyesexing in the distance).
.2. Connie Britton is rocking each one of the pictures.
.3. Jesse Plemmons is adorable and I wish to take him out for a drunk. I mean drunk. Damn it. I mean DRINK. I hate typing in a blind-fold.
.4. Brad Leland? Buddy Garrity? Fry me up a chicken-fried-chicken steak with a side of double-fried potato wrapped in shake-n-bake, please.
.5. COACH ERIC TAYLOR. You’re a fox, and for the record: unlike other audience members, I have no conflicted feelings about whether I’m more interested in you being my husband or my father. Now strip, please.
.6. Taylor Kitsch? What? Who airbrushed you to within an inch of your fantastic arms? And if you’re not airbrushed, then what shade of bronzer is that (sharing = caring, thirty-three)? Also. Why isn’t there a picture of your bottom in the promos? And why aren’t you horizontal? Foolishness.

Watch Friday Night Lights, please.

I hate football, and I also hate hockey when forced to watch games on television.

I do, however, love watching both live.
And it is for this reason that I have on my list of Sports-Specific Must-Dos In My Life the following two items: (1) Watch a UT at-home football game against whomever (something I flagged in my head the first time I went to Austin and visited the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium); and, (2) Watch the Grey Cup.

So. Even though I don’t like these sports and am only familiar with the ins and outs of futbol (the only sport I can watch on television), I am going to be seated in one of the most coveted seats at the next at-home UT football game. I will also, as is familiar to many, be clueless and searching for COACH ERIC TAYLOR at the side of the field. I plan on finding a Booster and getting the low-down on their football and sports-related nosiness. I plan on finding Mack Brown’s wife and hanging out with her. I plan on wearing pumpkin and geeking out on UT ways, like, currently? I am Googling special UT chants and learning them, while also Googling special UT hand gestures and learning them, so that when I greet the other fans, I will know the secret handshake.

More to the point, I also plan on making up my own UT-specific song and singing it to myself during the game; as importantly, and in an effort to appear football aware, I will also be repeating whatever I overhear from those seated next to me…only, I’ll say it louder, smarter and like I mean it more than they ever could.

Here’s what I have so far, to the tune of the great MC Hammer classic You Can’t Touch This! (you must sing it out loud; it makes way more sense that way):

Can’t touch them (x2)
Can’t touch them (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)

Longhorns! Hit so hard makes others SAY! Oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing them with big strong arms and thighs that can
Bring home the big W for UT
A superdope homegirl from Canada
And she’s known as such
In her head imagination FUN!

Can’t touch them (x2)
Can’t touch them (oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)

Anyway – it is all I have right now, though working diligently to complete a full song by game day, October 10th.