"Raising My Voice"

From my brilliant editor at rabble. (Derrick! Please forgive that it took me so long to post this. I am lame; this you know, but now it is public. I hope your sense of justice is served re my tardiness! xo)

From Derrick: This is what I’ve been co-writing for the past year… so I’m really excited it’s done! (webMe’s note: Me too! Me too!) […]It’s only the UK and Australian version that are out now, North American in October under the title of ‘A Woman Among Warlords’.[…]

The UK version of Malalai Joya’s book, Raising My Voice: The Extraordinary Story of the Afghan Women who Dares to Speak Out, will be in stores as of early July.

Malalai Joya is the youngest and most famous female MP in Afghanistan, whose bravery and vision have won her an international following. She made world headlines with her very first speech, in which she courageously denounced the presence of warlords in the new Afghan government. She has spoken out for justice ever since, and for the rights of women in the country she loves. Raising My Voiceshare her extraordinary story.

Raising My Voiceis available now for pre-order at either Amazon or from the publisher.

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