Travel Until Spring

I won’t be in Canada for most of this coming winter, something that makes me both a little bit sad and a lot excited as it is much travel overseas taking me away from home.

I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account while traveling and only access my email account intermittently. Looking forward to a break from the excessive e-connectivity, I’m hoping to instead enjoy the travel (when I can, as I will be working) and focus on my surroundings and my writing for the next while.

I will do my best to write a little more often than usual, so you can look forward to entries from and about the following locations between now and the end of March:
Rabat, Morocco
Beirut, Lebanon
Hong Kong
Mexico City

(…as well as the outstanding one on Berlin.)

I will keep all comments capacity turned off until no longer traveling.

xs & os

Image taken from the interesting Around the Sphere blog.