Australian Sun & Oxygen: 137; Maha: -218

where the streets are pristine and the lawns manicured;
where there’s nothing much to do.

(At least not in terms of what I like to do while visiting a new spot.)

I return to Sydney later this evening, after another day at the High Commission in Canberra.

My Sunday in Sydney placed me on the earliest bus to Bondi, and woke me by a swim in the waters. My rest of day was spent at the Bondi outdoor market purchasing art work, noshing on pasta salad, and drowning myself in fresh fruit smoothies. I also had the pleasure of wandering around the houses in both Double Bay and Rose Bay neighbourhoods.

Creepy or exploratory? You decide.

I went to sleep in Canberra that night, and woke up to eyes the size of eggs; tuesday, the size of watermelons; and this morning, the size of small infants.

I have developed allergies to something. Possibly the sun, or its rays or the weather, the heat, people, oxygen, pillows, dunno…

To these sudden and severe allergies someone yesterday observed how the swelling made me look of a different nationality.

Offensive or imaginative? You decide.

A lovely colleague this morning bounced me over to a pharmacy where the Pharmacist cleverly said “The puffy swollen eyes are not due to the sun. You are puffy because of water retention. Maybe. Maybe you are having an allergic reaction. Canberra is good for that. Maybe. I dunno. G’Day. Take some antihistamines.”

Antihistamines I took; 50 mg of the behind-the-counter drowsy sort. First 30 mg, and then 20 mg.
Essentially, I am high and drowsy while typing.

Thankfully, the 50mg are doing the trick and my forehead is no longer looking like that of Nicole Kidman’s.
I once more have facial expressions extending beyond the oft used sad and confused bloat face.

As a treat to my sorry and sad puffed self, I have a ticket to and will be tomorrow attending Carmen at the Sydney Opera House. (Hurrah!)

Note 1: Aussies are, quite possibly, the friendliest and warmest people in the world. It appears that they were placed on this earth to provide the rest of us with warmth and kindness. Except for those among them who would like to see a return to Australia’s White Policy.

Note 2: Approaching the High Commission (HC) on Monday, I noted that the fence around the HC was engraved with maple leafs, and I was over the moon (though under my umbrella) to see Canada represented. This is a recurring reaction when I am abroad and see my home. Missing you very much, Canada. Even your shitty shitty shitty cold weather.

Note 3: Koalas are fkn scary and creepy. Additionally, they are not bears, but rather they are a marsupial. If I were smart, I would know what that means.

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