Australia’s a Wrap

After work, I said a last goodbye to the harbour, and sent a large hug across its body to Luna Park in return for the warm embrace it gave me last weekend.

Before heading home for the night, I spent my evening locals-watching, in hushed tones hearing …we are now looking at what in many parts of the world is known as an Investment Banker. The IB is recognizable by its dark suit, cuff-links and crisp tie, often found pecking at the savings carcasses of others, while their bellies only expand. They are to be approached with the greatest caution, and some argue better left alone as their extinction could lead to global recovery…, and sharing my food with a homeless man who sits ignored by most.

If you have time, food, and / or change to spare, please find him at the beginning of the pedestrian only area of Pitt Street. He has a small red blanket on which you may place anything you would like to share.

This evening was my favourite of all.

Thank you, Australia.

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