(Today) Paradise is at the feet of (Egyptian) mothers

Update 1: Ahmed will not in fact be making it in; at the police and army checkpoints, they are requesting to see Egyptian National ID cards. No one who is an international is allowed to enter into the demonstration areas, but for those who are carrying such cards.

Update 2: There is a demonstration in Ottawa tomorrow (Saturday Feb 5th) at 1pm. If you would like to join, please come by Parliament Hill.

Update 3: I am not currently writing as I am working at the Crisis Hotline for this situation.

Read and widely distribute the message below from an Egyptian mom whose son decided to leave behind comfort and safety and instead travel to Egypt to support the protests.

Ahmed is a friend. Keep his safety – and that of all – in your prayers.

Dear family and friends,

My son Ahmed just advised me that he is taking a plane to Egypt to join the protestors. He was concerned about me, I told him no one goes before his time, your life and safety is as valuable as the life of safety of all the Egyptian youths trying to get their basic legitimate rights: democracy, social justice and reform to end corruption. After all I am an Egyptian mother joining the mothers of the brave Egyptian youths.

Please join me in praying for their victory and safety.

Please appeal to all levels of Canadian government and International bodies to support this peaceful revolution in firm manner.


Please distribute widely

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