Twins on a ferris wheel at Luna Amusement Park, Sydney

Though to post later, I currently type this while seated on the ledge of the pier alongside Luna (amusement) Park. After breakfasting at Kings Cross organic market, lunching at the The Rocks market (where amazingly, I ran into someone I knew), hanging with koalas and kangaroos, visiting the Sydney Opera House, and all day feasting on fresh figs and mango fruit, I decided to spend the rest of my day among children.

And children I found at the Luna Park amusement spectacular. Of note, four year old twins Eva and Lily, with whom I rode the ferris wheel. Chestnut skin, hazel eyes and long golden brown hair they have. Eva is the cautious one who kept requesting that we “don’t look down, please. It’s very far…”, while ensuring that her minnie mouse doll was sitting properly as Lily jumped and climbed over the seats and bars (their father was with), repeatedly sitting on minnie, much to the upset of Eva. The difference illustrated further when their father pointed out a kayak in the middle of the harbour, the sight of which had Eva declaring “he shouldn’t be doing that”, and Lily instead standing, jumping, clapping and requesting “Can I? Can I, dad?”

Beneath a blue sky, along the harbor, amidst a heat wave, a late afternoon of ferry crossings, carousel, roller coaster, and ferris wheel rides feels wonderful on the skin; watching the sky darken across the harbour wonderful on the heart.

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