Baden from Australia

Do you remember Baden? I wrote this about him earlier: Having decided to completely nerd out yesterday, I took The Big Bus Tour of Stanley Market and sat on the upper deck where I almost fell into a state of hypothermia, making a new friend named Baden.

Baden is an 85 year old Australian, residing in the Phillipines for the last 22 years. When we exchanged names, he said to mine “…like Maharena”, and so I became Maharena for the duration of the two hour ride. Role playing with an 85 year old Australian man in Hong Kong; who knew?

My favourite part of the ride was when Baden yelled “MOON!” and pointed at the sky. He was truly lovely, and when he yawned, he finished with a flourish of “OH OHH AWWWOOOHHH’s.”

Finally then, here he is in all his adorable glory. May your bus tours be graced by the likes of he.



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