Hospitals make me sad, which explains why I will be volunteering there

Editorial Note: The following views have nothing at all to do with either the official staff or volunteers of The Ottawa Hospital, but rather are entirely One Female Canuck’s. Because it is only the later who is dumb.

I love my day job, and for the most part, I admire almost everyone with whom I work. That aside, not all of it is what one could call “soul fulfilling.” Because of this, I have at times become extremely disillusioned, until I can once again lull myself into a state of numb and forge ahead pretending otherwise.

I have some time off this coming month and thought: what better way to spend it than with people who are sick and scared and might be alone?

To begin with, the holidays are a c/ntpunt for many people anyway, and when you add illness and hospitals to this mix, it can be devastating. Even though I have a stupid social schedule, Friday and Saturday night outings are not a must for me. I don’t need to spend Christmas eve with my family, and I am not so much of a party-goer which is amazing because I am so pretty that I have to celebrate the new year anywhere but with a good book.

So, I decided to volunteer at one of the hospitals, and to work with the patients.

I had requested work with either oncology or special needs babies, but they prefer that anyone volunteering with these patients be someone who has proven their worth and volunteered for a while. Which makes complete sense, because these areas are extremely demanding; so with them, inshAllah, I will be volunteering in due time.

At the moment, I will be volunteering with the regular patients. I will be reading them books, and maybe playing games with whomever is interested. I will be chatting with them, making sure they’re comfortable, and just generally: being an attentive new friend.

Honestly? I’m so excited, I could come out of my skin.

Because I am good at helping people. And I think that maybe my gift is — maybe maybe maybe — it is to be kind. And I think people who are alone, and scared and who are sad, they could use kindness. So. I am excited. Like, I haven’t been this excited about anything since I can’t remember when. And I just really hope I do a good job and make people feel like they’re not alone and that there’s one more person who cares about them.

Yay for volunteers!

Photo from CareGiversFrienc(dot)net.