A little spent

Hey y’all.

A very short message to let you know that I have been run off my feet these last two weeks, both during the day and well into the evenings. In short, I am completely spent and it’s looking like this will be the case for the next couple of months.

In private email, I have promised several of you that I will write something this weekend, and am making that promise to the rest — thank you for asking after me. Apologies that I am not able to respond to all emails. Please understand that while I am reading everything, I absolutely can not respond to all.

Since things are looking a slight bit hectic these coming couple of months, I am planning on doing my best to write one article every week and a half, just to keep on top of things. Fingers crossed that my busted ass doesn’t lose sight of this and fail my own promise.

I will be back this weekend! (Until then, see What Is On Your Desktop, because I will be doing another similar one shortly, three years forward.)

Much love,

Image found at Slave2MyNeedles(dot)com.