Maha Mondays: Virgins, divorcees, secrets & abuse

abuseAt Chai Latte Diaries, we’re discussing the secrets we might keep from our lovers: “Sometimes, while our intentions are good (to tell the truth), and while they should not illicit any form of judgement or scorn from others, they most definitely do because humanity is a judgey judger who judges. Even when it should not. Not to mention that we are all allowed to have secrets and we must afford the room to others to have theirs as well.”

At Elle Beaver, we are once more reminded that so many beautiful wonderful people have yet to learn that abuse does not always have to leave a physical scare: “You did not choose “divorce”, my love; rather, you chose self-preservation. You chose to stand up and say “I will no longer accept emotional abuse and sexual coercion from your hands (because God gave me a body over which he equally extended rights of sovereignty). I will no longer be terrified into silence (because God gave me a voice). I will no longer lie to myself and my children that this relationship is what love should look like (because God gave me the duty to raise children in His image, in love and in mercy). I choose better for myself and for my children.”

Image courtesy of Gideon Wright.