MahaMonday: Lonely Ramadan

RamadanAt Chai Latte Diaries, I am asked how to deal with the often times challenging days of Ramadan and the loneliness they might carry within them:“Ramadan is a time of reflection, awareness, responsibility and change. Your feelings, believe it or not, are excellent catalysts for just these very things, which is true testament to the reality that in every situation – no matter how despondent we might feel – God provides us with the opportunity to overcome challenge (if we see it as such, rather than a moment where we can waste away into feelings of self-loathing and/ or self-pity). Why? Because it is extremely rare that when one is in a state of fulfillment and happiness that they will stop to wonder: Do I need to look inside a little deeper? Is there anything I can do to help myself out a little more?”

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