MahaMonday: Settling & Body Image

love meadowAt Chai Latte Diaries, I respond to a woman worried about body image and settling for the wrong man: On settling – this too is a valid fear, which I have seen and constantly challenged amidst my real-life beloveds. It is also something which I see between couples I adore; it hangs like a cloud on the periphery and comes storming over the moment there is a dispute and you see the look in one of their eyes that tells you they have always somewhere believed they could have done better.

There is only one way out, and it is to: Never settle.

Easy, right? Two words! Never. Settle.

Now go back to my first original point where I ask you to reflect on why you need to get comfortable with the concept of being alone. Because to its heart, it is in fact the reason WHY people settle. They are scared of being alone. They don’t think they will / can receive what they provide. I am grossed out by the idea of “could have done better”, but I am completely on board with being with someone who brings to the table what you bring to the table, someone who elevates you rather than depletes you. (Because to be a compassionate soul, you must see everyone – including those you loathe – as humans worthy of love and respect, and so not ever “less than” you. Bottom line is, who may deplete you, will elevate another.)

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