The Slow And Steady

We did all of the puzzles this morning, and ate all of the cheese. I can stare at Baby A, The Philosopher King, all day; so easy on the eyes is he that I couldn’t wait to get out of bed to see him.

The rest of my day and evening was spent with T’s family, who invited us out to a traditional Egyptian meal, to make certain that I had this experience before I left. And then we visited more family where I spent most of our time admiring the gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS antiques adorning every corner of their home.

I like the new and modern, but nothing compares to the value of the hand-made and carved. I can yarn on and on about the craftsmanship, but instead will write that my love for these items has only to do with the time, attention to detail, and care it would have taken to create each one.

No surprise. Fast and easy has never been my style.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My mother’s unyielding commitment to teaching me Arabic daily. She did this to ensure I would be able to read the Quran, and while this benefit far exceeds any other, I am grateful for the lesser benefit – that I not sit in the company of Arab speakers as some kind of mute.
2. Dina and Ousama, siblings who helped me spend the evening laughing out loud.
3. The countless messages which came in, asking if I was safe and sound still in Cairo.

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