The Light

We did the selfie, and isn’t she the loveliest?

There is a religious / cultural thing which belongs to Muslims / Arabs – it is the belief that there are some faces at which you look and you see only Light. Hers is one such face. I hope the same can be said about mine one day.

Weaving itself throughout my last months is the thought that the events of the summer weren’t intended for me. Rather, I was parachuted into an already-story for a limited period of time, in order to help someone else; to their improvement, though not immediate, but instead as the beginning point in what will necessarily be a years long evolution.

This shadow thought has become more pronounced the last two days, but I’ve not fully developed my thoughts, because I haven’t had much time for reflection. Give me a few days to develop this and get back to you.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My leaning toward sutur. So that I do no harm.
2. That I cannot remember when it was that I last cried.
3. The strength I feel making its way through me once again. More baby steps!

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