The First Day In The UAE

They received the news just recently, that he has been approved for PR status in Canada. (💃💃!!) Domino to that shortly, they plan on leaving the UAE. Domino to that they will have to give up their first home. Domino to that I couldn’t not visit their first home before they left it, so here I am. And let me tell you that their home is like a little doll-house; even their toilet flushes lavender.

Dubai has never been my jam, last I visited was for work some years back. But for this trip, I am in Al-Sharjah, which is a very little bit more to my liking. The focus here is, again, family; and unlike Dubai, primarily of plastic and money, I appreciate that I am here able to walk around the little body of water near their home, and go to a small beach, and have forced upon me quiet time. Because my family has become worried that I seem to be incapable of resting, and that I will require a holiday from my sabbatical. We’ll see.

Worry aside, tonight I met the children of my other cousin, the littlest one shockingly a duplicate of his father when we were children. I was also able to see my uncle’s wife, here for only two more days; her, whom I had not seen since I was last in Gaza. Most exciting, however, is that I have finally met the man who is safekeeping my Ramrooma. And what a man he is. More on him in the coming days.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Canada’s immigration services.
2. The adoration and gentleness by which Omar takes care of Ramrooma. And, by extension, her family.
3. Righteous men whose word is truly their bond. You make all other men, pedestrian in their behaviour, a little more than an eye-roll. Thank you.

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