The Quiet Day

There are many extravagant masjids across the UAE. This one, however, is the one which makes me most at peace, the one closest to representing Islam as I understand it. It is the simplest, quietest, most unassuming place of worship I have come across, and it planted itself gently into my heart. Luckily, we stumbled upon it between prayers and so I was able to capture it’s simplicity without obstructing those who might worship here.

I believe most strongly that Islam is in its dark ages. Most will tell you that D@e$h is the example best illustrating this reality, but I will argue that they are merely a symptom of a far greater disease rooted in a willful perversion of this deen, and the hypocrisy of enough of its followers that it was able to give rise to such a group. May Allah have mercy on our Ummah (and all creation, of course. But I’m not talking about everyone, am I? Take a seat before you start yelling, thank you.)

That tiny but extremely heavy thought aside, today was a wonderful day of nothing. I woke up late. I indulged in many decaffeinated coffees. I ate well and began mapping my time away from Canada until mid April, inshAllah.

We closed this quiet day with birthday cake to celebrate the littlest one’s birthday, and then we played games until bedtime. It was a perfect day.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Having the ability to choose such a quiet day, without noise.
2. Ramadan. More than ever this year, I am looking forward to this challenge. Also, being on sabbatical means I can sleep as late and as often as I need to make the time pass. Yahoo! PS I really love food and drink.
3. How Omar and my Ramrooma treat one another. May they always continue in such softness.

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