The Salt-Water Skin

Our skin has memory.

When I dip into salt-water, it is a homecoming.

Sun-kissed, I spent the evening with Nizar. We started off at Shades, at Address Hotel in Marina, where this was our view –

Here, we had a far too deep conversation about people and substance. How connections on the surface can sustain us for a night or two, but deeper more meaningful connections are what contribute to our sustenance for extended periods of time, maybe even long-term life commitments.

From there, we went to The Reform, a massive pub, where the opening night of Reel Palestine was being held.

So small is the world that one of its founders – Ali – is one of my university friends from home, 20 years ago. In University, we established Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) in Ottawa. We began a dabkeh group and organized all demonstrations in Ottawa, aligned with those in Montreal.

Those really were the days, relived with so much love tonight. Ali is, very seriously, one of the few men from university with whom I would bother today. He has always been, and always will be, an absolute treasure.

I took this above terrible photo of (my hair and) us and sent it to one of our other university friends Asseil, who we both wish could join us tonight.

Thank you to my beloved Nizar for making my penultimate night here such a treasure.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Clean sea / ocean waters.
2. Friends. Always, I come back to this don’t I? Friends. Friends. Friends.
3. Palestine, MFs. Palestine, that no one can kill.

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