The Sisterhood

My last day in the UAE, this evening, and shortly I head to the airport.

Reemo, Omar, and me became proper little roommates these last two weeks, and I’m sad to be leaving them, but excited to see them next in Canada, inshAllah.

Earlier today, Reem and me were having our last coffee along the Cornishe when a woman sat two tables away from us and started crying. Her two young children were playing a little ways away from her and so I decided to approach and make sure she was okay.

I asked her if she needed company, and then I dragged Reem over and moved our stuff to sit with her. She was so sad. I will give you one guess as to who was causing her trauma.

For around an hour, we sat with her and just let her speak. We can’t help her anymore than this, but often, where nothing can be done, bearing witness to the pain of others is the one way we can alleviate and shoulder their pain.

InshAllah for this hour, we were able to illustrate to her that: You are not alone.

When we said our goodbyes, she asked us to remember her in our prayers if we could. I will ask you to do the same – her name is Samar.

See you tomorrow, from a little to the North, and a little to the West.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Men who respect women.
2. Men who do not physically assault women.
3. Sisterhood.

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