The Closing Of The Chapter

The Universe makes things obvious but then gives our stupid asses the choice to do what we wish with the provided information. Really, the free will to choose stupidly.

These last two weeks have been filled with the obvious. Presented with several choices, I chose what the Universe had made obvious. Over and over again.

I am pleased that my sorry ass didn’t choose stupid, alhamduliLah. It took me five months to heal; with this healing came an extreme clarity of vision which refused to be diminished or obscured, no matter the attempts of the other party.

Remember that forgiveness and the indifference I mentioned just recently? It was all part of a very welcome domino effect to the sun finally setting on this chapter.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The simple prayer of which N has kept reminding me – that my heart be turned away from that which would harm me, and turned toward only that which is good for me, in combination with my own – continued safeguarding and clarity of vision. These saved me the last two weeks.
2. Doctors in the family. Though lacking in bedside manner, they are available 24/7 when I am still wondering if my brain will soon fall out of my head and ARE YOU SURE I AM OK? THX.
3. Ibuprofen. It has been my only saving grace since Wednesday. Tomorrow, I return to the ENT specialist for gauze removal. Please (seriously) send a prayer up for me.

Tunisia | Feb 22, 2019

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