The Dreaming

I dreamt that a clear drinking glass was in front of me, empty. I poured into it hot water, and it cracked, though nothing was spilled.

In Islamic dream interpretation, if dreamt by a single female, there are four distinct meanings. First, that an unsavoury man was going to ask for her hand in marriage, and had she accepted, it would have brought her ruin. Second, she had a very particular hope which could not be fulfilled. Third, that something / someone very precious to the dreamer had been lost. Finally, that a secret once hidden will soon become exposed.

I was entering my 7th month without a dream. My third eye crystalized, my heart was blinded, or I had misunderstood some dreams (to my own detriment). Pick your poison, I guess; I choose the latter.


Today, I am grateful for:
1. Having woken up.
2. The luxury of a bed.
3. Girlfriends who want to travel together. I hope you like sleeping in, and coffee in bed.

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