The Gift

Do you know what it is with which you have been gifted? And do you wish it had been other than this?

We spent the better part of our evening down the youtube black hole that is The Voice. Of all the arts, it is only a singer’s voice which can move me to tears; my God is there talent in this world.

While I can groove, and though I can definitely hold a beat, what I cannot do is hold a tune. If I tried, you would weep and refuse to see me again.

That’s the gift I wish I had. And if I had it, I don’t think I would ever speak, but rather I would make my way through this world singing everything I needed to express. Every table and chair would be a stage. Maybe even every step on a staircase if I were ahead of you. I would be even more insufferable than I am today.

This is in fact why I love birds and gardens so much. Green bring birds and with them, the gift I adore.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Thunderstorms. Tunis was lit up by one tonight, and what a beauty it is to be reminded of how fragile we are.
2. WhatsApp technology. Today, momma and khalto Amal were able to meet Sissina and Azooza. ❤
3. Late nights. Nothing feels as wonderful as sleeping in, protected from the cool morning breeze by a duvet feeling like a cloud looks.

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