The Peaceful Heart

We found an as-of-yet unopened art gallery, and the gentlemen were kind enough to let us poke around inside and enjoy the art work. I am absolutely in love with anything which has Arabic calligraphic script in it, such as the above, and the below (with some of the 99 names of Allah) –

I am hoping to create something myself once home, to hang on one of my walls, inshAllah.

For those following my sabbatical, you know that two of my intentions from day one were to gain a deeper understanding of my deen (faith and Faith), and moving to align my intentions and actions more closely to what is asked of us. I have been doing this slowly, in an effort to ensure that all things which I am shifting are sustained long-term.

There are a handful of reasons for this, most of which are between me and Him alone. One reason which I will share is that He has never let me down. None of His teachings have ever, when I have followed them, done anything but bring me to safe waters and keeping. And, most importantly, when I have needed His advice and direction, He has always, and very literally, shown me which path I should take.

He is everything I can ask for in a best friend; and I am, in short, getting to know His world better, as one does when they love another.

I am now (even) more often finding pockets of peace and happiness in little things. Hurrah! With that, I hope that you too find your moments of calm and lightness, be they rooted in any faith, in no faith, or in neutrality. Sending every one of you love tonight.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The ability to pray while standing. Thanks, knees and back! You’re swell.
2. Olive oil. You make everything taste better.
3. Completing this day’s piece. It has now been over two months that I have written daily. I went from zero to 100, and I am very tired, my friends.

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