The Perfect(ish) Man

We were discussing relationships today and I was asked what would my perfect man look like.

First, is that he is a Believer. Not necessarily a Muslim, but a man who believes in a higher power. Otherwise, it would be like a creationist marrying an evolutionist. (For the record, I believe in evolution.)

Second, honest. To a fault, in fact. I am pretty over men who don’t respect the need for transparency. If you can’t be honest about a thing, then the thing becomes suspect.

And then, in no particular order: respectful, highly intelligent, funny, and kind.

He should also be a lover of cheese.

Most definitely, this isn’t asking too much. How am I still without this simple ask?

Today, I am grateful for:
1. This home in which I find myself in Tunis. I have never lived with two sisters for this long, and it feels so kind on my skin that I extended my stay. I am with, and of sisters and my God does it feel good.
2. Sunshine. I sat in the garden today and enjoyed its company.
3. Not having to set my alarm clock. It’s a wonderful thing to let your body wake you when it’s ready.

Tunisia | Feb 10, 2019

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