The Lightness

One of the unexpected pleasures of Tunisia has been the staycation portion of my time here.

Though we’ve been out most days, it has been a willful slow-roll, with late starting mornings and nights. A lot of our time has been spent at home cooking, chatting, watching television, and generally just relaxing. After two months of running myself into the ground nearly daily, and only by force staying home, this has been a welcome change of tempo. Most definitely in light of what the next two months will bring, and their anticipated pace.

Exchanging voice notes this morning, I discovered that my girl N is doing the same thing – staycationing – for the first time in her career. She too is loving it, and it’s warming to feel that I am sharing experiences with beloveds across oceans.

An interesting shift has happened in my world over the last perhaps handful of days, after the forgiving. I’ve stopped caring. I didn’t think this was possible, but there it is. It’s an odd thing to just shrug about something that only days ago felt so heavy, and felt as though I’d never be able to scrape it off and out of my life. How welcome this is that all of the final scraps of rubbish have been cleared off of so much emotional real estate.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The passage of time. You heal every single wound. ❤
2. 7 minute voicenotes from across the world. When I can’t have evenings with the most important women in my life, these are welcome hugs.
3. Indifference. I love your lightness after having carried pain for so long.

Tunisia | Feb 17, 2019

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