The Tumor

It was a lounging day, and quite a welcome one at that.

Except for one minor tooth incident. When I arrived home last night, I felt something slightly off on the bottom back right side of my mouth. I looked at my gums and noticed something white. I flossed, but nothing happened. I poked at the white situation, but nothing happened. It felt sharp, but I thought maybe that was just in my head.

I went to sleep wondering if I had a tumor in my face’s mouth.

I woke up this morning and felt the tumor. I could die in Tunisia, I thought. I hope my mom will be okay, I thought some more. Before resigning myself to my tumor, and seeking euthanasia, I WhatsApped my family member The Dentist, who of course couldn’t see between my 6th and 7th tooth even though my mouth is the size of a hippopotamus.

He told me to keep doing a salt-water rinse and to buy special little brushes which fit between our teeth to actually brush. They look like a 10th of an eyelash brush.

When Sissina came home, I showed her my tumor. Ignoring my obvious bedfellow Drama, she declared ‘That’s a foreign object, and we need to remove it’. She got a mirror, rubbing alcohol, and tweezers.

The tweezers wouldn’t grab it, because it was a tumor.

I pulled on it and felt pain, because face tumors are a part of our face and cannot be dislodged with tweezers, I declared.

To prove that I was not crazy, I grabbed my floss and tried to floss out my tumor. Of course I couldn’t because it was a tumor. And by ‘Of course I couldn’t because it was a tumor,’ I mean that I unflossed this from my head –

Look at the thickness of this thing, my once tumor. This is a piece of skeleton, from last night’s fish. It had lodged itself between my two back teeth, and also sliced my gums and shoved more than half of itself inside the soft tissue. Quite certain skeleton was on the lam, and decided that my hippopotamus mouth would be its safest hiding place; anyone looking for it would defo get lost in there.

RIP tumor.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The peaceful nature of our neighbourhood. There is literally nothing heard here but birds, and it’s making me not want to leave home.
2. The passage of time. Because everything fades. And the things we wish to forget? It becomes easier to forget them without us even trying.
3. Having the ability to pay for groceries, and the luxury of without thinking twice, dropping anything I want in the cart. Self-explanatory, this.

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