The Witchy Senses

I’ve mentioned before what some of my girlfriends have referred to as my ‘witchy senses’. Always, it is specific to men. Always, it shows itself as absolutely, beyond a shadow of any kind of doubt, 100% right. AlhamduliLah, it has never been good, the things about which Witchy Senses have arisen. (‘AlhamduliLah’ because why wouldn’t it be when the things are reasons to run, and run fast?)

You would think that being a semi intelligent woman, I would have by now learned to immediately accept and listen to these senses. Not just because they have always proven right, but also because I am the moron who keeps telling you that God speaks to us through a myriad of voices – dreams, gut, intuition, etc. – and that we need to make certain that we hear what He is telling us.

A moron because I never took my advice. A moron, because I sought the council of people who, though always well-intentioned, forgot to remind me to take my own advice. I am demented, yes? In fact, I have come to label this bullshit nonsense behaviour of mine a ‘condition’. I have been working on this condition by slowly learning to remind myself, and make a part of my everyday behaviour the following four lessons learnt (among a gagillion) last Fall:

  1. No one knows better than you, what is best for you.
  2. Always nurture, don’t ever argue with your Witchy Senses.
  3. Make certain to always act on your Witchy Senses.
  4. Ask your girls to only remind you of the above three rules.

For the most part, this is what I have been doing, but it is a learning process to drown out outside static. It is also how I am engaging my girlfriends, by usually asking some kind of ‘What does your gut tell you?’ leading question.

Because we always know. Unless we are lying to ourselves.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Knowing that beloveds will respect the above, even if they might not understand it or agree with it. Adult friendship and behaviour are very good things.
2. Possessing the emotional intelligence to always ask ‘WHAT DOES YOUR GUT TELL YOU LISTEN!!!!!!!!’ when my beloveds come to me asking for advice. And accepting that their gut trumps my opinion and my advice.
3. Toilet seats. They’re really a nice piece of furniture (is that what we call them?) that is often missing in public spaces in this lovely country. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder (and in this case, the hover much harder).

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