The One Up His Own Ass

I’ve already stated this – I am not a fan of Picasso, neither the man nor the art. However, being in Málaga, one has little choice but to engage his work, and, as it is one and the same, who he was as a man. Accordingly, we spent a little part of our day at the Picasso Museum.

Look. I don’t like his work because I am not a fan of cubism or of anything that looks as though it was drawn by a child, but by an adult. My favourite artists are Varo, Rivera, Carrington, and Kahlo (I love Mexican artists because their work is often a mix of fantasy, and explosion of colour). I don’t like Picasso as a man because he was a philandering piece of shit, bordering on pedo, who also beat women.

What do you think would have happened to Picasso during the #MeToo movement?

That written. What I learned today, which I had not before known, is that he believed his alter ego was a minotaur. About this mythological creature, PICASSO DEVELOPED AND BRANDED HIS OWN MYTHOLOGY AS A MINOTAUR.

I am all-capping and italicizing because I am howling.

What a. Narcissist degenerate.

And his art is still shit, though you are welcome to see some of it over this way on instagram. Not because it’s good, but because he will always remain, whether so many of us like it or not, an authority in the art world.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Having the company of Azza. It’s nice to wind-down with a friend, even if it is just sitting in the same room, each of us working on our individual projects.
2. The support of Peppers brother and sister. Momma and me are currently dealing with a situation which would have been a nightmare and so much more lengthy-a-thing to navigate had it not been for Peppers.
3. Being woken up by the sound of crashing waves.

Málaga | March 26, 2019

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