The Regular

It was only my second time inside, but the proprietor greeted me with a kiss as soon as I walked in, and he remembered how I liked my coffee.

These are little bar / restaurants for locals, all of whom know one another and all of whom greet one another with great and warm affection every time one of them walks through the doors.

After the ridiculous experience at Coutume, I found myself here (after the betting joint), and I returned today because of how convivial the joint and its regulars are. While there are a million luxury restaurants and bars in this city, I am going to argue that you won’t experience Paris until you’ve had a sit-down Where Everybody Knows Your Name. And a place such as this is the only place where it’ll happen. Trust.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Everyone’s excitement and support regarding the signing of the publishing contract. Thank you for wanting to pre order! As soon as there is something to pre order, you will be the first to know. Promise.
2. Ice packs. I burnt my neck on a curling iron and now I look like I have a hickey, but none of the fun. Ice packs, in case you didn’t know, help cool burns and keep them from swelling. Yay my neck.
3. Teenage Mutants & Purple Disco Machine. Look’em up on Spotify and you too will be grateful.

Paris | March 7, 2019

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