The Facts

I don’t think they would have noticed if I left.

I want to remind my Muslim family of some very important facts about our Prophet, on which I hope everyone will reflect.

First. He was an orphan.
Second. Remember that his milk-mother belonged to one of the most impoverished tribes.
Third. He was illiterate.
Fourth. The earliest followers of the way of our Prophet were women, the impoverished, the unprotected, the slaves, and the weak.
Fifth. The first mu’azin (he who calls to prayer) was a freed Black man.

Next time you are feeling as though you might be above anyone else by the standards of this dunya, take a beat, take a seat, and reflect about those far better than us, mentioned above. Understand, unequivocally, my dear sisters and brothers, that your station in this world is defined solely on the state of your heart; prejudice, racism, and classism have no place in this deen. Not just during Ramadan, fam. Not just during Ramadan.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Prayers answered. May they continue to be so, should He will it.
2. My skeleton. YO! It not only protects our internal organs, but it holds us together, allows us to stand, sit, perch, and do the locomotion (points for pop culture reference Nerds). Also, it’s apparently essential for the proper functioning of our nervous system. It’s all so amazing, really; I think what amazes me most is how everything jives so perfectly together. Wow. (If any of you have an online anatomy course to which you might point me, please inbox it.)
3. Fattamtam for sending me a link to an excellent video explaining the purpose of the skeleton. Thank you for reading, and for thinking to share, ya albi ❤️

Ottawa | May 27, 2019

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