The Long Day

It has been long and exhausting, this day, and I have very little energy left to write much of anything. There was one bright spot, however, and it was named David, my Male Counsel. Heart-lifting, and heart-warming, this one.

Two things I love about this photo. First, we are both looking at different ends of the camera, but neither one of us is looking at the right place, a true mystery of the universe. On instagram, after you flip past the words, I have included more shots of us trying to take a decent photo; we never look at the right place. Second, David’s camera only works if you wave at it. This is some kind of a setting, and I was laughing too much to take anything but weird blurry photos because I would lose it every time I saw him wave at his phone. Laughter during an otherwise brutal day. Thank you, David.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Ranoosh. She has been helping momma and me in a very particular effort, to which I have alluded since February. I have not yet written about this thing because it is on-going and exhausting. It continues to drain energy from both myself and mum, and has caused extreme levels of stress. It ate my today, as with so many other days. I will tell the story only once this thing is close to resting and leaving our lives, inshAllah.
2. David. Near 25 years of friendship with this guy and not once has he been anything but the kindest and gentlest of friends. The 3rd act of dinner was spent with him expounding the virtues of Keanu Reeves, because I introduced David and Sally (his wife) to John Wick. #Blessed
3. Feeling connected to Allah. Because I know that when I don’t feel this way, everything falls apart.

Ottawa | May 22, 2019

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