The Ducklings

Ducklings and their momma crossing the street (in response to which I opened my door to make certain all traffic behind us had stopped, which they in fact already had).

A fawn so young, they were uncertain on their legs.

A wild ring-necked pheasant, exploding colour all over the still-yellow hillside.

A young stag casually eating the shrubbery next to our sitting area.

When the wildest things I see in Ottawa come from those who’ve drunk too much, and eaten too little, I am very much appreciating the wildlife scenery of this sleepy little town.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Home-baked goods. I mean, the smell alone, right?
2. Rainy days. Their purpose is, I am convinced, to keep you in bed as late as possible.
3. The clearing of storm clouds at sunset. Man. There really is such beauty in this world.

Lethbridge | Day 209 | June 27, 2019

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