The Thrift

I love thrift store shopping for two reasons. First, it’s where you find the greatest records. Second, it’s where you can imagine the most interesting stories.

I counted the number of cards in that Thank you for the baby gift box; it was the same number as those listed on the back. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what that might mean…

It’s odd that we often think of our lives as very plain / ordinary. Especially when everything – even a box of paper – can (possibly) carry within it hopes, euphoria, pain, and trauma.

I hope that you all know that by just being here, present, as you are in whatever state that might be – you are in fact extraordinary.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The carpenter who is taking care of all of momma’s cabinets. We met with him today and we have chosen all of the new cabinets that will be placed throughout the house. One small step forward.
2. Parking right in front of The Cloud Cave. Thank you for not making me swim from the car to the front door.
3. Cheddar cheese, the most underrated cheese to exist. Why don’t people love cheddar cheese the way it deserves? (Hi. Anyone in Scotland? Please send me a block of your Scottish cheddar cheese. It is Out Of This World. Thank you.)

Ottawa | June 15, 2019

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