The Writing

Since arriving in Lethbridge, I’ve not been able to write as I normally do. This wasn’t a conscious decision; rather, I believe that it’s because I’m processing things which, for the first in a very long time, I have no interest in sharing.

Equal parts a good and bad thing (especially for a writer’s writing, is the latter), this not wanting to share is definitely all new, because writing is where I have always found my peace.

What I don’t mind disclosing is that the processing has nothing to do with any other person in my life. Rather, it is about what I love, and where I wish to be at this time in my life, the areas into which I wish to place my energy and focus. We’ll see where this private monologue lands me, inshAllah.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My uncle’s pizza. I am a die-hard thin-crust fan, but his pizza might change my mind because it was the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Tonight, he surprised us with three-cheese vegetarian pizza, with the cheese crisped just perfectly so, which is what I do to my pizza at home (essentially, you leave it in the oven on broil for just a little longer than usual, so that the cheese bubbles and then crisps heavenly).
2. Toy Story 4. It was FAN. TASTIC. We caught it in 3D, and I recommend you watch it, if for no other reason than because it is so dark and filled with existential angst.
3. The movies. I love going to the movies so much. When there was a movie theater in downtown Ottawa, I used to leave work on Friday and attend a film – any film – by myself. It was a ritual which I cherished beyond proper expression. I guess that those Friday evenings would today be described as belonging to my ‘self-care’ routine.

Lethbridge | Day 211 | June 29, 2019

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