The California Latte

California; come for the ocean, stay for the rose lattes.

This State, along with NY, and Texas are three that always feel like home to me. I’ve missed the ocean something fierce, and this time here couldn’t have been better situated emotionally.

Last I was here was in the Fall of 2018, shortly after God had blown the veneer right off of all of the lies which had built themselves around me. It was a lame time, made better by the California sunsets. This time, there is neither lameness nor healing required, hurrah!

This time, there is only an abundance of fresh coffee, fruit and fish to be consumed, layabouts by the Oceanside, time with friends, and cycling everywhere.

Also, CVT Soft Serve.

My heart is full; my belly will be soon enough.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Maura, with whom most time spent, is spent in laughter.
2. Rose-water in all of the things. Including on my face. If you don’t have rose-water as a part of your evening routine, you are missing out entirely.
3. California sunsets.

California | Day 241 | July 29, 2019

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