The Porch

While she was speaking, the word effortless came to mind; everything from her garden, to this porch on which we sit very regularly on Saturdays from Spring, right through to the Fall, it’s all effortless and so beautiful.

Even the moment we met and connected four years ago? Effortless.

About the porch itself – it’s a secrets keeper. It is only comfort, and safety, presented – as you might guess – effortlessly.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. This good boy who was sitting patiently and quietly waiting for his owner. As soon as I stepped out of the grocery store and turned left, there he was, politely making everyone happy.

2. The very angry and agitated elderly gent wearing a t-shirt which yelled #SERENITYNOW. Thank you for making me smile.
. Fresh mulberries from momma’s garden, which we picked and ate this evening.

Ottawa | Day 218 | July 6, 2019

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