The See Ya Soons

You’ve read about Natalie on a few occasions during The Sabbatical. The fella behind her is Joel, her husband, and an excellent photographer. Even the randomly captured by him are stunning –

The first time I met these two was at a gathering for a mutual friend who had come into town for a few nights. Joel insisted on showing me photos of a very beautiful thing, and Natalie and I bonded over the necessity of saging one’s home.

They leave tomorrow, and I hate goodbyes with quite a ferocity. Especially in my line of work, when people are cycling in and out every few years; goodbyes are awful, so I opt for see you soon-s instead, to ease this heart’s sadness.

I will miss Natalie and Joel for two very specific reasons that are quite private and cherished.

Above and beyond these two things, I will miss Natalie and Joel because though our friendship is in its infancy in years, it was an old soul right from the night we met. I will miss them because they opened their family home to me for the holidays so naturally and unflinchingly. I will miss them because in September of last year, when I was in the thick of my trauma, and Natalie found out, she kicked into high action and planning, rallying instantly to pull us together to discuss, to support, to shoulder.

I will miss Natalie and Joel because though our time spent together is not voluminous, it is so very rich in detail, and as I have always said – God, He is in the details.

See you soon, family. You are loved beyond measure.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. All who He places in my path. I am infinitely blessed by the goodness He continues to choose for me, long-term.
2. Gerald, who takes one photo when I hand him my mobile. This makes me pretend we are living in Communist-era Russia, and so must ration all things, including the digital things.
3. Having too many things for which I am grateful, that I am placing the umbrella as my final listing of gratitude this night.

Ottawa | Day 256 | August 13, 2019

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