The Communication

This is my study nook in Montreal. No one should be surprised that I chose a place with white lights. They play the softest music here and the clientele are all either studying or reading. It makes me miss university something fierce.

When my eyes were about to go cross-eyed from all of the reading, I looked up to see a young newly married couple sitting quietly side-by-side, both reading. (I knew they were newly married because they had received their wedding photos earlier and discussed them briefly.)

I loved their energy. I loved that they were comfortable in their joint silence. This…this is what I think might often be lacking in both platonic and romantic relationships – comfort in spaces where there is no interaction. Instead, we take silence to mean that there is something wrong or missing, which shouldn’t be the case in a healthy relationship.

I am a woman who communicates and who likes to hear from her partner. Long distance is one thing; being in the same room is another. I can sit next to someone for hours and not say a word, while reading. This doesn’t mean I’m not communicating, because a simple touch of a hand is communication, as is a kiss on the temple, or bringing them a glass of water when you get one for yourself…

This couple, each one would occasionally reach over and hold the other’s hand, or place their hand on a shoulder, or a leg. They were communicating, but not speaking.

I loved everything about them. I hope they stay this happy and gentle with one another always.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The prayers of my family, but especially those of my mother. Everything I am and have is because of these prayers, alhamduliLah.
2. The neighbours (strangers) who invited me to their BBQ. I’m sorry I couldn’t join, but I loved hearing your 80s music (Corey Hart!!) throughout this evening.
3. The smell of eucalyptus.

Montreal | Day 287 | September 13, 2019

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