The Dancing Reflection

She really loves him. So much, that she keeps telling Reem and I to stop talking so that he might do so. Right in the middle of his monologue. Hi Amoora! We love you!

We made it through the first night; I only had to kick someone in the stomach once. To avoid embarrasing them, I won’t name them. REEM.

Otherwise. Everyone is adhering to the ‘200 square feet per human body’ principle, and Omar is fine on the balcony.

Thanks for checking in.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The smell of eucalyptus, a part of my evening routine. It’s become a trigger for sleep, as intended.
2. The Tilda, which is in fact the symbol known as ~. All through university, I referred to it as Matilda, because I am a dummy (as I keep trying to tell you). She’s my favourite symbol because of this error, and I wish the squiggle namers would rename her. MATILDA!
3. The 💃🏻 emoji which is my most used emoji. It’s nice to know that this dancing woman best describes my emotional state. Life is good, my loves. So good. AlhamduliLah. 💃🏻

Ottawa| Day 298 | September 24, 2019

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