The Dream

We were talking about something, the subject matter he couldn’t recall, only that he walked away from me feeling as though whatever it was that I had said had made sense, and helped him. The important thing here is that he felt good.

I squealed with excitement and pressed him for as many details about this dream of his as possible.

It was a lovely thing to wake up to this morning, my barista satiating my coffee needs, and sharing that I had showed up in a dream to help.

Quiet night tonight, with thoughts moving as slow as molasses and I have very little heart to write more than this, so I’ll end here and wish you a good night.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Excellent storytelling.
2. Blooming flowers.
3. Small doll houses, but human-sized. Little stone cottages with gardens are my favourite, and just seeing them makes me happy.

Toronto | Day 311 | October 7, 2019

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