The Fall Colours

Few countries match a Canadian autumn in its beauty. Ramrooma’s only wish when coming here was to see all of our colours; though still freshly changing, Ottawa and the Gatineaus did not disappoint.

After a wonderful morning spent at Mackenzie King Estate, where I took this photo of Omar and momma, my favourite photo of the day, we went to Wakefield for lunch, and then to Park Omega to see the animals.

My absolute favourites moment from our time at Park Omega was Reem’s reaction after one of the animals had shoved its head into the car and kissed her hello –

Not enough people visit Park Omega, and if its going to be done, now is the time to do it. Just look at this beauty –Get to it before its too late, friends. Godspeed!

Today, I am grateful for:
1. The hustle and bustle of a full house. I will miss everyone when I am once again solitary.
2. Animals. They’re the nicest people.
3. Ottawa’s Fall. Though I have already written this so very many times, it is worth repeating – I love this beautiful City.

Ottawa | Day 306 | October 2, 2019

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