The Secrets Trading

I took this photo right after I finished playing with some toys. Once again, I am 6 years old promising myself I will buy all of them as soon as I am old enough to do so. (The only other thing which might make me as happy as I appear in this photo? Coffee.)

The problem with a Canadian Fall is the Fall. It doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, and so this translates to hot, cold, hot, freezing, raining, sunny, fires of hell hot, chill. The only way to prepare is to layer.

And layer I did, before I decided to walk the short haul of 40 minutes to meet N, my little Cherub. Within 10 minutes, I had taken off my jacket. Three minutes later, my sweater, and nearly my jeans. When I arrived, I was dealing with the humidity, while fighting the chill of cold against my skin. Basically, Toronto hates humans.

My afternoon / early evening were spent trading secrets with Cherub, over some killer brisket, and mac n cheese. (She is ‘Cherub’, because she has the perfect little round face full of round eyes and a little round nose, sealed with a little round mouth. Allah yi7meeki with this face, inti!) I can’t discuss things more than this, because secrets are meant to remain inside of safe spaces. That written, I will add that Cherubs make excellent Momma Bears whom I am blessed to have in my corner. Ferocious loyalty has always been a maker or breaker for me in long term anything. ERGO, this Cherub will defo be around for the long haul inshAllah.


Today, I am grateful for:
1. Reemo’s, No rain, no flowers sweater which helped me layer in the brightest shade of yellow.
2. My old calculus and physics notes which I am now studying once more. Remember I wrote that after French, I would be studying the concept of Time? I’ve started, but need to refresh my baseline of maths. Stay tuned!
3. Peaky Blinders, season 5. I do love me a Tommy.

Toronto | Day 310 | October 6, 2019

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