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Omar was so excited to get to the CN Tower, that we went there in the weird fuzzy rain that feels as though the clouds are spitting on the city beneath it.  He stood so proudly before it. By himself. With neither of us in the shot. He didn’t even ask.

Honestly. He’s my favourite.

Toronto’s always a treat, but this time more than ever because THERE’S A HARRY POTTER STORE THAT JUST OPENED ON SATURDAY and I bought a Gryffindor t-shirt, which I wore out of the store, while buzzing with excitement. This is one of the many shared loves between me and my Khalo M’s daughters – Harry Potter, so Reemo and I geeked out in the store.

Do you know to which House you belong? (The best quiz, by the way, was developed by Time magazine; simply Google Time magazine Harry Potter sorting hat quiz.)

We’re staying in Kensington Market, which is one of my favourite areas. The streets are as colourful as the photo above, this beauty found in one of the alleyways. In Kensington, if you don’t pay attention to the nooks, you miss all of the great art.

Apart from the colours, everything smells primarily of lemongrass or marijuana, with no in-between. There’s no corner here without music, and all the beats are welcome, fusing nicely into one another from one corner to the next.

The market itself is always full of treasures, if you just make the time to look, which we did. I found some vintage silverware and pearls, and I was over the moon. Over the next few days, I’ll keep on heading over for small excavations, inshAllah. My best vintage t-shirts and purses are all from here, starting way back in Uni.

The most critical parts of this day? First,  I confirmed that manspreading is still a damn thing. A man sat next to me and spread his legs so far apart, I had to ask if he was aiming to do the splits.

Second, that Reem and my glasses keep fogging up every single time we walk over a grate. Thanks, Toronto?

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Excellent Indian food, which is easy to find in this city.
2. Vintage t-shirts. You are the softest.
3. Friends who quit smoking! Yay!!!!

Toronto | Day 307 | October 3,2019

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