The Wing-Woman

Whenever I see one of these towers, my mind instantly breaks to Maverick’s flybys. Top Gun is such a favourite, possibly even in second place to John Wick.

Feeling much better, alhamduliLah. Enough that I was able to make it through the airport without needing quarantine. And I’m flying through the US, which is saying a lot. (JUST KIDDING, CUSTOMS! Please feel free to stop me for being a Muslimah, not because I have a cold. Thanks. Also, Dulles Airport? You are a piece of garbage.)

Here’s how brain-dead I am – I can’t remember to which city I am flying tomorrow morning. I mean, I know the country in which I am landing, but as soon as I land, I am being met by N & B where we will switch terminals and fly to the water. Just don’t ask me which coastline.

N asked me at some point, and I literally said YES to every single question she posed, because I trust her this implicitly. She’s as vigilant as I am in all things, and so she’s one of the absolute few to whom I am super chill about ceding all control.

She even sent me an itinerary. Typed by her. With all days accounted for from my ass landing to my ass departing. My God, I love her.

As much as I love her husband B, whom I have mentioned before as one of my favourite partners in general, one of my favourite men in particular.

More about these two in the coming days.

Before then, however, rest assured that I will place my hand over theirs every time they hold hands and walk down the street. Because I am friendly.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. My immunity system.
2. The woman at the Relay airport shop who, when she discovered I was buying a garbage magazine to use as wrapping paper only, gave me wrapping tissue and tape because ‘Don’t give these garbage people your money,’
3. Roasted sesame seeds. Add them to anything if you want that any in the thing to be elevated in flavour.

Washington, Dulles | Day 318 | October 14, 2019

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